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My success with planning my somewhat impromptu trip to France has inspired me to start thinking about what other small to medium scale trips I’d like to take. To make sure I don’t forget about these ideas, as well as to hopefully inspire other travelers, I will be writing short posts about these trip concepts. To start, I’m going to begin with a trip I’ve been meaning to take since all the way back in 2007!There are only four US states that I’ve never been to: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Hawaii. While Hawaii will have to wait a bit longer, I should be able to knock out the other three with a single road trip. I’m hoping to rent a car for a week and then drive out to North and South Dakota, hitting Wisconsin on either the way there or the way home. I want to see the Badlands, the Corn Palace, Mount Rushmore, Roosevelt National Park (bison and prairie dogs!), and a couple other things, including taking a photo of myself next to the town sign for Freeman, ND (my last name is Freeman). There’s a chance that I may hold off on Wisconsin until another trip, as I’d prefer not to have to rush things.

I'm hoping to see some of these!

My original plan was to do the trip on my own, but I’d love some company and I’m very open to bringing someone along. If you or someone you know is interested in accompanying me on this trip, let me know (especially if you can help chip in). I travel super cheaply, relying mostly on couchsurfing, camping, and sleeping in the car, though motels out that way are pretty cheap, especially when the cost is split, so if I have a travel partner, I’d most likely spring for cheap motels instead. I’m planning on spending about a week (7 days) on this road trip, and I’m hoping to keep the per-day cost down to around $50-$70. I’m trying to keep the whole trip under $600. I am planning renting a car due to the small size and poor gas milage of my own car, but if I can find a travel partner who is willing to use their car, it will be even cheaper. You can check out the trip’s GlobeTrooper profile over here.

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