Hot! A Visit to Catoctin National Forest


A few weekends ago, Marc and I decided to take an impromptu trip up to the Catoctin and Micheaux State Forests near the confluence of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. This area of Pennsylvania is often referred to as “Pennsyl-tucky”, due to the similarity of its rural mountain culture to that which exists in the mountains of Kentucky. It’s often looked down upon for its rural, redneck feel, but I personally quite enjoy it. I really love small towns, and I have always felt like the people in them get a bad rap sometimes simply because they’ve chosen to lead a simpler life.

Anyway… We drove up close to Emmitsburg, MD and then headed west into the mountains. We drove around aimlessly (always one of my favourite pastimes, but made easier with the acquisition of a GPS), going through various hamlets and hollows, taking dirt mountain roads up to a couple summits. I can’t help but think that this would be a great place to explore on Nadezhda. We got out of the car several times to explore a few trails and to play in some creeks (I am unable to resist the temptation of running water), and even got to see a section of the Appalachian Trail.

Our trip to the mountains was the first real test for my camera in terms of nature and landscape photography, and I think it did very well, especially when you consider that many of my shots were taken out a rolled down car window or even *cringe* through the windshield. Here are a few selected shots, with a gallery of the rest of them below. Enjoy.


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  1. Wow does that ever look like rural Nova Scotia, where I currently live. This is probably because we are also in the Appalachians.

    • I haven’t been to Nova Scotia in about 10 years, but yes, I can see the resemblance in some of the shots. I didn’t realize that Nova Scotia was part of the northern branch of the Appalachians, though! That’s pretty cool.