Hot! Things I Have To Do Before I Leave For France


Along with important things like, oh, buying my plane ticket, I have a bunch of other, more mundane stuff that I have to remember to do soon as well, now that I have less than a month before I head across the Atlantic to the land of les francais. This is mostly for my own memory, but in case any of you care about the minutiae of planning for 8-10 weeks overseas, here’s the crap I have to do before I get on that plane.

  • get my hair cut
  • buy toiletries bag
  • buy new Keen sandals
  • clear off laptop hard drive
  • order moo cards
  • buy 2 packing cubes
  • buy an 8gb memory card
  • test out new camera bag can’t afford a new one
  • clean out fridge
  • organize kitchen so it’s clearer for Marc while I’m gone
  • unsubscribe from HuluPlus and other services I won’t use in Europe
  • double check TSA carry-on liquid regulations
  • buy swimsuit
  • research cheapest way to get from Paris to St. Etienne/Forez
  • check credit/debit card expiration dates
  • photocopy passport
  • email WWOOF farms
  • buy laptop sleeve
  • find universal converter
  • write at least 5 blog posts to be queued


I’ll add new things as I think of them, and cross things off the list as I do them. So much to do!

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  1. You may want to make sure you’re good on your MMR. They’re having lots of measles in France these days.

    • I had all my vaccinations only a couple years ago. I didn’t get many of them when I was a kid, but I got them all just prior to college, so they’re quite recent.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I know what I need to do when it comes to planning trips, but actually writing it down is not my strong point. I’m heading out for a month in just a few weeks. I know I should make my own list, but this definitely helps me!

  3. I love lists, and yours reminded me of things that I hadn’t yet added to my pre-Australia list!