Hot! Friday Photos: Fog in Gimmelwald

This week’s Friday Photo is of one of my favourite places on earth: Gimmelwald, Switzerland. I stayed there for almost a month, which made me something of an oddity since most of the people who visit the tiny 103-resident village only stay for a day or two, tops. I love Gimmelwald’s quietness and its remote, car-less location perched on the side of a cliff. Since most visitors to Gimmelwald are only fleeting passerby, it also meant that I got to meet a hell of a lot of people, many of them leading fascinating lives. Among the ones I remember were a Kiwi/Austrian who had been living and working illegally in Switzerland for almost three years, a South African gem dealer on extended vacation, and a Bavarian (German) woman who was hiking her way across Switzerland, end to end. Gimmelwald is a great little hamlet, and one I highly recommend if you’re visiting the Lauterbrunnen Valley area.

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  1. Looks like film.. in that it has a very unique, raw quality to it. Very nice!