Hot! Good News


So, among the farms I contacted while trying to find a new WWOOFing host was one that I had written to before. They had said they only accept WWOOFers for 2 weeks, so I said that I appreciated the offer, but was trying to find someone who could take me for longer.

Well, I just heard back from them and they are more than happy to take me. They’re also much more what I am looking for in a farm: they raise sheep, a few cows, and some chickens, as well as vegetables and raspberries. They also have two adult children at home, and they all speak at least moderate English. They sound like a really happy family, and they said that they like to spend their evenings hanging out, playing accordion and maybe a bit of petanque. That sounds much more like a happy farm, to me. Plus, I really want to learn more about animal husbandry, and so the fact that they raise sheep is a plus, for me.

Now comes the difficult part: informing my current host that I’m leaving. On my very first day here, she mentioned that she would prefer to only have me for two weeks, and asked me to find another farm for the last week of my time. My plan is to tell her that I have found another farm, but they don’t like to take WWOOFers for such a short time, and that for me to have a week and a half with them, I need to leave here on Thursday. I’m also going to play up the angle that it would be better for her to have a French-speaking WWOOFer, as I think that that is causing some of the problems. Given how she has treated me, I’m not particularly worried about her feelings, but I also don’t want there to be tension and weirdness, either, especially since I really don’t want to have to carry my bags all the way into town (3km).

But, the knowledge that I could be out of here as early as Thursday is buoying my spirits, as is the trip I took into town this afternoon. I took some photos of the village, which I’ll post soon.


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  1. That is good news! I say get out of there asap. Don’t worry about her feelings she has treated you poorly and losing you is her side of bad karma. Hopefully though you can still get a ride into town. What a bummer that this first one was so crummy. Hopefully the next one will be much better – they sound like a much better family!

    • I would have done it, but it was more that I didn’t want her to freak out when I didn’t show up on Monday and have her call the cops, or something. The worst is over, and now all I have to do is help set up the market tomorrow (not hard), and then I leave on Thursday for the new farm.