Hot! Looking for Waves


Dear readers: I’m looking for waves.

Not giant, 15 foot tall surfer waves, and not small, baby-friendly waves. I’m looking for decent waves that break relatively close to shore (deep water terrifies the crap out of me) in water that isn’t frigid. I’d prefer water clear enough that I can at least see my hand in front of my face, but that one is negotiable.

When I was a kid, I remember going to the beach and playing in the waves for hours, but it seems like every beach I’ve been to in my adult life has had truly pathetic waves. I don’t surf (though I’d love to learn how someday), but I love to play in waves, and it seems that the waves that make for good conditions are surprisingly difficult to find. Jindo, the island I lived on in South Korea, had six beaches, but not a single one of them had waves more than two feet high. I was quite disappointed.

This is where you all come in. I’d love to hear any recommendations of great beaches you all have visited. I’m specifically looking for beaches with the aforementioned conditions, but if you have a truly spectacular beach that is awesome for some other reason, I’d love to hear about that too.

So, dear readers: where can I find the best waves?


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  1. in the US or you going to travel some? Great waves on the Pacific side of Central America in many spots.

  2. I love looking for good waves too.

    Favorite place for waves: Huntington Beach State Park, in Murrells Inlet, SC is wonderful. Excellent waves, and miles of pure, unadulterated beach. Huntington Beach State Park is a part of the old Huntington estate, so while you’re there visit Brookgreen Gardens. The beach is beautiful because there are NO houses on it. Just sand, surf, dunes, and birds. It doesn’t get much better. Oh, and the water is still great in October!

    Second favorite place for waves: New Smyrna Beach, FL. Great fun, warm water, and with so many surfers on the Space Coast of Florida, you can catch a glimpse of other people goofing off in the water. Further south is Cocoa Beach, home of US Champion Kelly Slater. There’s a number of good surfing schools in the area (and do keep your promise to learn how to surf! You’ll never regret it!).

    Home place for waves: Hampton Beach, NH. This is the beach where I grew up. It’s home, and always will be. :) But that area of the North Atlantic is fed by the nippy water of the St. Lawrence Seaway, so it’s usually a bit cold. When you need to warm up, the beach fare up on the boardwalk is great to poke around in. NH’s coast line is only 26 miles long, so you don’t get much commodification of beach shops like you do in the South.

    happy hunting!

    • Thanks for the tips! I will definitely refer back to them when I get the chance to head to the beach. And yes, I really would love to learn to surf. It seems like exactly the type of thing I’d love.