Hot! May Recap


The month of May was rather busy for both me and Marc. Between day trips, reenactments, a new motorcycle, and Marc’s birthday, our schedules were full. Not only that, but my garden really took off this month, started two new post series on my Historically Speaking blog, interviewed Bethany of Beer & Beans Travel blog, and finally posted my methodology for spending 10 weeks in France on only $1000.

On the 6th, Nadezda, our new Ural sidecar motorcycle, was delivered to us. Though we miss Smutyanka, our previous Ural sidecar bike, we do not miss her constant breakdowns, and we are looking forward to great times riding Nadezda.

On the 8th, Marc and I were going to visit our friend Will, of Itinerant Dispatches, but something came up and he ended up having to reschedule. Instead we decided to head up to the Catoctin National Forest, on the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland, near Gettysburg. We drove up and spent several hours in the afternoon driving around the area, through both the forest itself as well as through the many small towns and farms dotting the area. I got some really incredible photos.

On the 14th, Marc and I visited some friends at a Roman Days living history display in Maryland, where I got to document a bit of experimental archaeology. Got some good shots there too.

On the 15th, Marc and I went to the National Zoo to see the lion cubs. I had seen them with my mom when she was in town, but I wanted Marc to see them. Since he grew up in Botswana and other parts of Africa, he really loves big cats (and in fact, he donates to Big Cat Rescue every month), and I knew he would really enjoy seeing so many lion cubs in one place. We spent about 45 minutes watching the lions, and I got some great shots of all of them. We also stopped by the reptile and bird houses on the same trip.

On the 21st, Marc and I headed up to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, home of the Army War College and the Carlisle Barracks, for a large timeline-style living history event. Since none of the other women in the unit were going to be in uniform, I decided to come in my civvies and take advantage of the copious photo ops. I was not disappointed, and got some really great shots, including some particularly good ones in the French and British WWI trenches.

For Memorial Day weekend, Marc and I headed up to Maryland to visit with our friends Will and Christiane. Marc and Will headed off to do some urban exploration, and Christiane and I headed out to the barn to do a photoshoot with her horse Kal. I also did some bareback riding practice, which is always good training, as you really can only control the horse with your body. Afterward, we had a BBQ in the backyard and sat around to chat.

May also included assisting with a Korean restaurant review for some reporters, quite a bit of subbing, a quick visit to the dilapidated Civil War site at Fort Marcy, a great DC Travel TweetUp, and lots and lots of gardening. June is currently looking pretty full as well, with a reenactment, a weekend jaunt to Ohio, and my departure to France!