Hot! Moving On


Tomorrow I leave the farm in Les Vans and move on to des Sicadieres, a farm in St Sauveur de Montagut. It’s in the same province, but is in the northern part, in the Eyrieux valley, an area which is considered to be very beautiful (though honestly, I think much of this department is quite gorgeous). I’m still not 100% sure how to get there, but I can get myself to the train station in Valence, where I should be able to find someone who can tell me which bus to get on.

Oddly, my host was really friendly today and nice. Maybe it’s just a version of Stockholm syndrome, but oddly I found myself less inclined to leave when I said my goodbyes this afternoon (she left to go to her mountain home). I think it was a combination of her good mood and the fact that I hate leaving anywhere that I’ve been for more than a day or two. Once I’ve gotten used to a place, I find it hard to leave, no matter how much I dislike it.

I helped my WWOOFing host out with the market in Joyeux today, and there were some great performers there. I got some wonderful shots and video of them, which I will post once I’m more settled into my new farm.

After the market, my host gave me the afternoon off, so I did some laundry and went down to the river for a swim. It was quite a nice afternoon, despite some major wind.

And so now, out with the chestnuts and in with the sheep!


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  1. There is something special about the photo, just don’t know what, but love it anyway!