Hot! Sudden Change of Plans!


So, due to some crossed wires and miscommunication, it turns out that Lagamas, my planned home for a month, is actually only going to be my home for two weeks. While this means less time in Lagamas, it does mean that I now have the freedom to go to other parts of France during the time I would have spent lounging around in Lagamas.

I’ll have from August 3rd until August 27th to explore the rest of France (I’ll be spending 4 days in Paris before I head home on the 31st). Since that works out to roughly three weeks, I have two options:

1. WWOOF on another farm. By the time August rolls around, the horse farm in Tarn might be able to host me, or I could find somewhere else to WWOOF. Depending on how my finances look, this is my “holy crap I need to save money” plan.

2. Spend a week each in three different locations. I’m not one for spending only a day or two in a city or town, and a week is a good amount of time to get to know somewhere (plus, 3 days each with two CS hosts is a good balance). This would increase my costs a bit, but I can also minimize them through heavy usage of couchsurfing and bus travel.

We’ll see how my finances are looking after my first 5-6 weeks in France, and I’ll make a decision then, but for now, I’m putting the proverbial reins in your hands, dear readers. I’m looking for recommendations of places to go in France, for one week each. I have a few conditions, though:

1. Unless it’s something superwickedawesome, I like to avoid touristy places.

2. I like the countryside, but since I’m hoping to rely heavily on couchsurfing, where I go needs to be large enough to potentially have hosts.

3. Since I’m spending the first 3.5 weeks of my time in southeastern France, I’d like to go to places not in southeastern France.

4. To avoid racking up train/bus fares, I don’t want to crisscross the country. I’ll be in Montpellier when this starts, all the way in the south, and will be making my way slowly north, to Paris. Keep that in mind.

So, dear readers: where should I go?


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  1. I don’t know about coachsurfing, but very nice areas in France are Lorraine and Alsace, going close to Germany, absolutely fascinating.

    Also the region of the Berry, in central France, or the Loire are very beautiful, but also there I don’t know about coachsurfing.. I bet you will enjoy though :)

    • I’ll definitely check out those places. I’m trying to stay out of southern France for the last leg of my trip because it’s going to be rather hot, and both Lorraine and Alsace are more northern.

  2. There must be some battle fields you can check out!?