Hot! The New Plan


So, after working 7 hours today on my “day off” while being called stupid and slow, I have decided that it’s time to move on from my current WWOOFing host.

I can’t really leave until Wednesday morning, which is kind of annoying. I can’t leave until then because I’m off from now until Monday morning, and then Monday and Tuesday I have to spend at the host’s other farm up in the mountains. I’m peeved that she didn’t inform me of this until right before she left for the weekend, and I’m really, really annoyed to find out that I will have to hitchhike to get there. I’m halfway tempted to just call her on Monday morning to tell her I’m leaving and then walk into town for the bus (it’s only 2km), but that would be really nasty, even to someone who hasn’t treated me all that well. So, I’ll stay on Monday and Tuesday, then probably leave on Wednesday. If I do that, I can tell her that I think it would be better for her to have the room for a French-speaking WWOOFer, and that I have found another farm. On the one hand, I want out of here asap, but on the other, if I can’t find another farm, this gives me a few less days to have to find a couch-surfing host or a hostel if it comes to that. Staying here for longer isn’t ideal, but it’s also better than going broke and having to call it quits early.

I’m looking for another farm, either in the same department (Ardeche) or in Haut-Loire, which is Marc’s family’s department, just to the west of here. I’ve contacted a few new farms, as well as one of the ones that I previously turned down (they didn’t want someone for 2.5 weeks, but now I only need 1.5 weeks), so hopefully I will find something. If I can’t find anything, I’ll resort to couchsurfing in Lyon or Montpellier. I’d prefer to find a farm because I don’t want to have to find 3-4 different hosts for a 10-day period, but it’s not the end of the world if I can’t.

Anyway. Wish me luck. And again, if you know anyone who would be able to take me for a few days anywhere between June 29th and July 11th, let me know.


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