Hot! The Packing Begins! (and the freaking out!)


This afternoon I finished up the last-minute shopping for my 10 week trip to France this summer. I’ve modified my packing list somewhat to include a bit more cool weather clothing, as Marc’s family in France has informed me that the area I’ll be in for the first half of my trip can get a bit nippy. I’ve added an extra pair of pants, two long sleeved shirts, and a thin fleece pullover.

As I mentioned recently, I’m trying some new things for this trip. In addition to pack towels and soap sheets, I’m also trying out a couple packing cubes for the first time. I got two Eagle Creek Half Pack-It packing cubes. One will hold my various cables and such, and the other will hold my socks and underwear. I was originally going to just use large zip-loc bags for everything, but the Eagle Creek bags were on sale and I felt that buying two would be a good investment.

I’ve started to lay out some of the stuff I’m taking with me, stuff that I’m not going to use between now and next Tuesday, when I leave. Today I put together my first aid bag (Aleve, Ibuprofen, Tylenol AM and PM, TUMS, Neosporin, Tylenol Cold, Sudafed – a couple doses of each, in tiny pill containers – and small bandaids, a large bandaid, and a burn gel pad), and decanted my shampoo, conditioner, etc. My liquids don’t quite fit into a 1 quart bag, so at the recommendation of various Twitter folks, I will be putting everything into a 1.5 quart bag and hoping for the best.

I have just a smidgen over a week until I leave, and I’m definitely in that stage somewhere between being really excited and freaking out about having everything ready in time. I’ve only got a couple things left to do, but I’m also running out of time. I know that if I’m not 100% prepared, I’ll still be fine and I’ll work something out, as I always do, but still. It’s scary. I know that my posts sound calm and collected, but really I’m saying “OMG my hair isn’t cut! I’m never going to have time to clear off my laptop! Where am I going to find a lens cap locally?!? I’m going to run out of money and end up stranded in France! None of the farms are going to want me because I’ve waited to long to ask!” So, for those of you who get a little freaked out at the prospect of medium to long-term overseas travel…be content in the knowledge that it is completely and utterly normal, but also completely conquerable!

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  1. Bon voyage and have fun!
    I’m sure it’s going to be great.

  2. I have a built NY bag (sadly no longer made) that holds all my chargers.
    I have a large cosmetic bag I keep my medications in for organization.
    I love space bags for laundry.