Hot! A New Farm!


Now this is what I was looking for when I thought of WWOOFing in one of France’s most remote areas:

I’m living on a farm with cows, sheep, and chickens, about 5km down a dirt road. I’m living in a peasant house built in the late 1500s about 150 feet from the farmer’s house, which is slightly larger and was built about 30 years later in 1622 (the second house has had about 4 additions over the course of about 300 years). No internet in my house this time, so you won’t be hearing from me as much, but the farmers are super nice and the atmosphere is very relaxed. I have an amazing view and three calves right outside my window. It’s also much cooler here, as we’re 1500 meters up the mountain from the village, which is down on the river at the bottom of the valley.

Both Sophie and Denis speak slightly less English than my previous host, but unlike her they’re really patient with my slow, incorrect French. Also, they seem to delight in learning new English words, so I’m having fun with that. The husband’s family has been here in this region for about 600 years, though the wife’s family only recently came here from both Russia and Holland (she and I have made many jokes about having a similar “mix” of genetics and indeed, we do look somewhat similar).

Anyway, things are good here.


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  1. Glad to hear that this farm is much better. I think that changing farms is going to end up being one of your best decisions on this trip!

    • Oh, definitely. I have a week left here, then 10 days with Marc’s family, then 2 weeks with a family friend down south, then a month of as-yet-undetermined activities.

      To be honest, I’m contemplating cutting the trip about 2 weeks short, to return in mid-August. I enjoy WWOOFing, but 7 weeks of it is a bit much. I’m going to look for a good farm with horses or something else that I’m really interested in, and if I can find it, then I’ll WWOOF for 2 weeks, then spend my last 2 weeks traveling. If I can’t find a farm that really calls out to me, then I’ll just travel for 2 weeks and then head home. I’d rather have a shorter time that’s more enjoyable than a longer time that’s not.

  2. Looks beautiful! Enjoy :)