Hot! Heading Home Early


Today I changed my return ticket to the USA from August 31st to August 19th, trimming a full 12 days from my trip.

Why am I cutting almost two weeks off my trip? There are a few reasons:

Though I have enjoyed my time here in France, I just haven’t found it as emotionally impacting as my trip to Switzerland in 2007 or my time spent living on a rural island in South Korea. It’s nice to be here, and I’m certainly enjoying the food, but I’m just not really “feeling it”. I really enjoyed France with Marc, but I think that it’s just not as enjoyable for me to explore the country without my Frenchman by my side. Having an insider with me made a massive difference in my experience.

I’ve not only been traveling alone, but I have also been traveling in such a way that I rarely ever have the opportunity to socialize with new people (first a farm, then family, then family friends). By cutting down my time, I’ll also slightly increase my per-day funds, which will allow me to stay in hostels occasionally so that I can get my socializing in. I’ve been here for 5 weeks and, honest to god, I’ve only met one new person that I’m going to stay in contact with.

My original return date left me with minimal downtime before going back to work. It had me returning to the USA only a few days before the school year starts again in September. I have a shit ton of material that I’ve accumulated on this trip (posts that need to be written, photos that need to be processed), and it would be really nice to have some time to deal with all of that before I start herding middle schoolers again.

I miss Marc and would like to have some quality time with him before I go back to work. Despite living together, Marc and I don’t actually get a lot of time together due to our respective work and social schedules, and so it would be really nice to have a week or two together before work starts, after having spent most of the summer apart from eachother.

So, in a little over three weeks I’ll be on a plane headed for home. I think it’s the right decision.