Hot! Gallery Living in the Languedoc


Marc flew back to Washington DC on Tuesday morning and I took the TGV train from Lyon down to Montpellier, where a family friend, Rosemary, picked me up and drove me to Lagamas, where I will be for the next two-ish weeks. Rosemary has generously opened up her home for me, and I’m enjoying spending time in a French village with less than 100 people in one of France’s most beautiful regions.

Lagamas is in the heart of the Languedoc-Rousillion region, next to the Herault river. It is surrounded by many other, slightly larger villages, including St. Guilhem de Desert which was certified by the French government as being one of the most beautiful villages in France. The St. Jacques de Compostella trail passes pretty much in front of the front door here, and I’ve seen several pilgrims, some with donkeys tagging behind. Rosemary has also taken me to many of the interesting places nearby, including St. Guilhem, St. Jean de Fos, and Beziers. This morning we went to the market in Gignac, and sometime next week we’re going to both Pezenas and Montpellier, as well as some swimming in the beautiful river gorge nearby.

It’s nice to be in such a slow-paced place, and it is a welcome change after a few days in the bustling city of Lyon. Lagamas is difficult to get to (there’s no bus), but I’m really enjoying the isolation.

Here are a couple photos of the general area, with more to come in the future.


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  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I spent many of my summer holidays as a child in Languedoc.

    • I had no idea! By the way, Marc and I are considering doing a Swiss/French trip in the next year or two. I may ask you for recs about Geneva/the French cantons.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful photos. You really capture the essence. Hoping to go to France in October, so now I am looking forward even more!

  3. Great shot of Lagamas for your cover shot! I’ve never gotten that one at that time of day! I love your viewpoint on the village.

  4. I love the green boat picture from above. Nice sync of colors there :)

    • To clarify, the first boat from above pic, the vertical one that appears on the left, that has just one boat and no view beyond (it stops at the cliffs). The others are nice too, but that one singularly stands out to me.

      And the title photo sunset is great. :)