Hot! Colors of the Markets of the Languedoc

One of the most amazing things about southern France is the colors. They’re bright, they’re beautiful, and they’re everywhere. One of the best places to see the colors of southern France is in any of the innumerable markets that happen once a week in almost every major village. While I’ve been living here in Lagamas I have gone to markets in three different villages (Lagamas is far too small for one of its own), and I have been wowed by the intensity of the colors found there. Here are some of the photos I’ve taken that, I feel, best represent the colors of southern France.

Question for my readers: if I put some of these up for sale as prints, would you be interested?


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  1. The bowls with that light/medium teal blue in the middle is so subtle and NICE!! Good job. If I didn’t already have a million things to hang on my walls, I’d say that these pictures are definitely marketable.