Hot! Doors of Southern France

In honor of today’s #FriFotos theme on Twitter, which is “doors” this week, I have decided to post a few photos from my own collection.

My mother is really the bigger fan of French doors, and has even published a book of her photographs of them after years of visiting southern France, but I took a few shots during my own trip this summer. Doors in southern France are often quite colorful and unique, and they make a great subject for the camera.

I hope you enjoy these few I managed to capture. The doors are all from small villages in the Herault department of France.


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  1. Great photos Kelsey! Doors are a great way to identify cultural differences. Love that colour of blue. You don’t see that as much in North America.

  2. I love the colours and the natural earthy feel of a lot of these doors. Great photos.