Hot! Memories from Montpellier, France

One of the only places I visited more than once during my trip to France this summer was Montpellier, a gem of France’s Mediterranean coast. The first time I visited, I went with my friend Rosemary for an afternoon. She wanted to see a museum exhibit and I decided to take advantage of the cloudy weather to catch a showing of the final installment of the Harry Potter movies. I also had an hour or two to wander around beforehand, and had the opportunity to grab a few shots.

The second time I visited I sadly was not able to enjoy much. I found myself in the city for only 1/3rd the time I had expected due to a misunderstanding between me and my couchsurfing host, and I spent most of my time frantically scrambling around the internet trying to find someone, anyone, in southern France with a bed or a couch to spare. I was eventually able to find a hostel in Toulouse with an open bed and so I relaxed a little, but the bulk of the stress of my situation stayed with me throughout the day and I found myself only taking a few pictures the second time around.

Between the two visits, I wasn’t able to see much, but here is a collection of some of my shots from both trips to Montpellier: