Hot! Gallery A Fall Day in the Shenandoahs

Last Saturday my friend Kate (a talented painter) and I went on a short road trip. Kate had contacted me with the kind of vague instructions I love to get: “Anyone want to shoot some foliage with me? I need to get out of the city.”

Challenge accepted, as they say.

I decided to drive her out to Fort Valley in the Shenandoah Mountains, a somewhat hidden valley that the Confederate Army kept secret from the Union forces during the Civil War. It’s still something of a secret today, and though the area is gorgeous and partially contained within the George Washington National Forest, it gets few visitors. I had been in the area last year for a Spanish Civil War living history display, and I thought it would be a great spot to get some shots. I was not disappointed.

Kate was taking photos to later use in her paintings, and so she got a few shots of me as well. I really appreciated it, as since I’m always the one with the camera, I never have photos of myself, especially not while I’m “on the job”. Any photos of me that are in this collection were taken by Kate and are copyrighted to her. The rest of the shots are my own.




Me & Kate
I hope that you all enjoyed these photos!


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  1. I love fall and these photos are amazing!

  2. Great pictures. I especially like the ones of the multicolored hillsides and the reflection photos that look are reminiscent of Monet paintings! It’s great that you got a chance to enjoy that. We definitely don’t get that kind of fall color here in California.

    • We had a good time. I think that next year I will aim for the weekend before. The weekend we chose was the peak weekend for Alexandria, but up in the mountains just 45 minutes away, the foliage was a little past its prime due to the cooler weather.