Hot! Coming Soon: Tales of a Foreign Service Brat


One of the things that first attracted me to my boyfriend Marc was the fact that he had a rather international background. Not only was he a dual citizen of France and the USA, he had grown up in a series of countries that I could barely locate on a map. Born in France to an American father and a French mother, he had spent his formative years bouncing around countries like Yugoslavia (back before it split), Botswana, and Nigeria courtesy of the US State Department. He has endless stories about nearly being washed away in flooded Land Rovers, cultural snafus with visiting dignitaries, and flight itineraries spanning four or more countries in 24 hours. How many people do you know who grew up with safaris and black-tie parties as regular occurrences?

I have always felt that Marc would have a lot of good info out there for travel bloggers, especially those who travel with children or are considering working abroad, and he has a wealth of great stories, but I never really thought about having him guest post for Traveling Tomboy. I have now vowed to change that and am hoping to work with him to create a small series of guest posts to publish here. Given that he is very busy with work, it may be awhile before any posts get published, but I know that what he writes will be worth the wait!

Before I pester Marc into writing for this blog, I’d love to gauge interest a bit first. Would you, dear readers, be interested in stories about living in Africa, the Foreign Service, growing up overseas, etc?