Hot! Through the Clever Use of Flags

Today’s #FriFotos theme is “Flags”, and I thought I would share a few of my flag-related photos. Plus, this has given me a chance to use a line from one of my favourite Eddie Izzard shows as a title, which is a good enough reason to make this post in itself. I’m going to include not only photos of flags from overseas, but also those taken here at home in the states, and even a few amusing ones from reenactments!

Enjoy the photos!

The French flag flying outside the town hall in Lagamas, France.

The flags of France, the EU, and the Languedoc-Rousillion department flying in Toulouse, France.

Flags flying at a small airport in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Sailors standing at attention during a Naval Medal of Honor ceremony. Note: I befriended an official Navy photographer in order to get beneath the rope for this shot. I ended up standing 10 feet away from an admiral.

Sailors stand before all 50 US state flags at a Naval Medal of Honor ceremony.

Flags flying in front of houses in Bellaire, Texas.

One of the many flags that surround the Washington Monument in Washington DC.

An American flag flying in front of the US Capitol building.

A flag and letter left at the Vietnam War memorial in Washington DC and a Swiss flag stands at the center of a tiny mountainside village in Schiltalp, Switzerland.

A flag flies before the Schiltalp restaurant and dairy in Schiltalp, Switzerland.

A Swiss cross and cows on a mountainside. Doesn’t get much more Swiss than that.

A Swiss flag on a boat near Interlaken, Switzerland.

A Swiss flag on a boat on Lake Thun, Switzerland.

A replica of the original revolutionary “Fort Mifflin Flag” flies over Fort Mifflin just outside Philadelphia during a reenactment.

An original Soviet WWII battle banner flying at a reenactment.

Part of the German forces (myself included) at a tactical WWII reenactment posing with a captured Soviet flag at the end of the battle.