Hot! Bucket List: Lake Baikal in Winter


One of my stranger preferences when it comes to travel is the favour I tend to show towards colder climes.  However, this item on my bucket list probably takes the cake:  I want to visit Lake Baikal in the winter.

Ever since reading about Hubert Kriegel‘s crossing of Lake Baikal in the winter, during his no-end-in-sight round-the-world trip on his Ural motorcycle, I have been fascinated by the idea of at least visiting the area.  Lake Baikal is one of the deepest lakes in the world, and in the winter it completely ices over.  Irkutsk, the nearest city, is considered to be one of the coldest cities on earth.  As someone who likes challenges and furry hats, how can I resist?

[Photo credit: Fedor Stroganov]


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  1. Could be an interesting trip and just because it’s cold doesn’t mean it will be uncomfortable all the time especially if you wear one of those giant furry what I would call Russian styled hats.

    • In fact, I have several of those hats. And yes, I actually enjoy being cold, so that’s not as much my concern.

  2. Ran across you from another travel blog – I’m actually headed to Lake Baikal in 2 weeks!! I am insanely excited. I think it will be very, very interesting. (Especially since I’ve never seen more than two inches of snow.) I’m going to try to go dog-sledding on the lake, but I don’t know if it’ll work out or not. I’ll certainly try! And I’ll be writing about it on my blog. :)