Hot! Frequently Asked Questions: Moving Around

I spent a lot of time like this during a particularly nomadic year in which I practically lived out of my truck.

You mentioned that you have moved around a lot. Can you explain?

I have been highly nomadic in the last 10 years until very recently. I have moved 28 times (I count a move as moving all, or almost all, of my belongings, including within a given city or building) in the last 10 years. I’m quite a pro at it at this point. I enjoy new scenery on a regular basis, and Iike to take advantage of the high mobility afforded me by the flexibility of my work. Marc and I really enjoy our current apartment and location here in Alexandria, VA and will likely be here for awhile, though we have discussed the possibility of moving to either Vermont or West Virginia sometime in the next few years or, depending on how politics and the economy progress, possibly to France instead.

If you have a question, please feel free to ask me through my contact page.