Hot! Home for the Holidays


At 7am on this coming Wednesday, I will board a plane to Houston, TX, where I will be spending two weeks with my family for the holidays. I haven’t been back to Texas since last winter, and I’m looking forward to paying a visit.  Marc and I are also considering taking a separate trip down sometime this spring, since he was not able to join me for our holiday festivities.  Time to start watching for fare sales!

While I’m home I plan on enjoying my mom’s excellent cooking, real Mexican food, and the amusing antics of my parents’ Australian Shepherd, Lola. Some time during my visit, we’ll be taking the family plane up to Bentonville, Arkansas to visit a newly-opened museum of American art, and I may go up with my dad in his glider.  Though I will miss Marc, it will be nice to get out of the cold for a few weeks, and I’m hoping that the trip will provide some Texas-related content for this blog.

My posting rate may go down a bit while I’m there, but definitely keep your eyes on your RSS reader anyway!


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  1. Sounds like a nice trip–good to reconnect and to enjoy some warmer weather. Happy holidays!

  2. Have an awesome time! I’m jealous you get to leave a day earlier than me to go home.

    • Well, our school doesn’t end until Thursday, but I took a few extra days off because I knew I wouldn’t want to deal with the kids so close to a vacation.