Hot! My Favourite Travel Blogs of 2011


My interest in various travel blogs waxes and wanes constantly.  My interest in a given blog at a given moment depends on what my own life is like, what most people are writing about, places I’ve recently become interested in, and even design changes a blog may have made.  2011 saw an overall reduction in the number of travel blogs I read on a regular basis, but I’ve found myself more consistently reading the ones that I do.  Here are some of the blogs that really became my favourites this year:

Beers & Beans: I had always been a fan of Beth and Randy’s blog, but after interviewing them earlier this year, I really began to follow their blog more closely.  They inspired my decision to WWOOF in France this summer, and helped me decide to have a separate photography blog (which will launch some time soon, I promise!).  The blog is visually beautiful and they have a slower travel pace that is more similar to my own.

Candice Does the World:  Candice and I have been casually penpalling eachother (the old fashioned, snail-mail way!) for a few years now, and it has given me more of a connection with her than I have with most bloggers.  I love Candice’s sense of humor and her blog posts always make me feel so alive.  She has also convinced me that I absolutely must visit Newfoundland sometime, which is one of my new goals.

Chicky Bus:  Lisa and I chat pretty regularly over IM and I have discovered that she and I are of the same opinion about many, many topics within the travel/lifestyle design/blogging world.  She recently finished a book that will hopefully be published soon, and I think that she avoids the typical RTW-trip dynamic that I have come to be bored with on many blogs.  I think she has something of an unusual perspective on the whole “quitting your life” thing.

Go, See, Write:  Mr. Hodson is probably most famous for his hilarious interviews, and I am most definitely a fan.  His irreverent, at times gut-wrenchingly funny writing is somewhat unusual in the travel blogosphere and I really appreciate that kind of honesty.  He calls a spade a spade, and in the world of bloggers who are striving ever more to attract PR firms, I think his style is becoming quite rare.

Mallory on Travel:  Iain Mallory has shot through the roof of the travel blogging world this year.  He has become omnipresent on Twitter, redesigned his blog to be very social media-friendly, and has become quite an example of being a very engaged blogger.  I don’t really have the time to be anywhere near the travel figure he has become, but he has definitely been an inspiration for me this year.

Nomadic Chick:  Over the last few years I have had several discussions with Jeannie about travel, blogging, and other related subjects and I find her to be a great person to debate with.  She is also very honest about the realities of long-term travel and since that’s a subject that most bloggers avoid like the plague, I really admire her for saying what sometimes needs to be said.  I think her blog evolved a lot this year.

So, there you have it.  Those are the blogs that made their mark on me this year.  If you have any suggestions of blogs you think I’d enjoy or should check out, please let me know!

[Header photo by Tal Bright]


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  1. Hi, Kelsey. Thanks so much for listing me here! I’m honored. I’m so happy that you see my blog as you do–and that we’ve connected as we have. I look forward to chatting more in 2012 and learning more about you. Have a great year!!

  2. Thank you for including me. I thought my time on any favorite list was over. 15 mins. of fame and all. :) I think it’s important to be honest about this process of long term travel. If I’m selling it, how can I leave out the negative and positive? Seems unbalanced to me! I hope to bring more honesty and richness to what travel means to me. Here’s to 2012!

    • Aw, no problem! I always read your blog, and though I’m terrible about commenting, I hope to get better about that soon.

      And yes, I agree. I think that there’s a serious lack of honesty in the travel blogging community about the realities of travel and many folks tend to gloss over a lot of details that are actually quite important. I love that your blog covers everything.

  3. Damn, I’m in good company! Thanks so much for including me, Kelsey. Did you get my letter yet?!

    • I will always include you! Unless you become a complete sell-out, which I highly doubt, knowing you. I have been in Texas for a few weeks, so I haven’t seen my mailbox since mid-December, but I’ll find out on Tuesday.

  4. Wow. Scrolled down seeing some of the most amazing blogs on the web today and somehow someone slipped mine in there. I think someone else might have been having a little wine this week, just like I have 😉

    Thanks Kelsey. Quite honored. You have picked some of my favorites and some of my favorite friends. This is a list I am damn proud to be a part of.

    p.s. your new design kicks ass.

    • Aw, I’ve always liked your blog! And see, your comment here is a perfect example of the humor I mentioned!

      And yes, I quite like my redesign too. It has inspired me to write more.

  5. Great list! Some of these I have just recently discovered. Looking forward to getting to know all of them better…including YOU!

  6. Thanks for sharing your list, I had never seen Candic’es blog before and am enjoying having a read right now