Hot! Gallery Scenes from a Korean Market

The day and a half that I’ve so far spent in Texas have been very busy, with my first 12 hours here entailing a plane flight, several errands, a haircut, and a party.  This is my first moment of peace, so to speak, and since I was looking through some of my old photos from Korea, I thought I’d share a few with you.

These were all taken on one of my visits to Seoul.  I rarely made the 8+ hour trek from my apartment on rural Jindo Island all the way up to Seoul, but when I did, I was always astounded by the scale of things and the markets and stores that seemed to be everywhere.  Here are a few scenes from one of the markets I wandered through one afternoon.

Smoked mussels on bamboo reeds.

Pork skewers roasting on a street cart.

Dried fish in rows.

Traditional Korean shoes.

Children's hanboks on racks.

Books for learning....Ehglish?

A young girl enjoying some ice cream.