Hot! Gallery Travel Tuesday Photo: Sangyesa Temple Roof

Today’s Travel Tuesday photo is from my time spent living on the rural island of Jindo in South Korea.  One of my favourite spots on the island was Sangyesa, the peaceful temple hidden away at the base of the island’s tallest mountain.  I often went there to kind of center myself, and I became friends with the monks and some of the Jindo Gae puppies they raised to make money for the temple.  The temple itself was around 700 years old, and some of the detail work on it was incredible.

Shortly before I returned to the states, I made a donation to the temple and was able to write my name on the underside of a roof tile that was to be used to replace one of the older, broken ones.  So, some monk making a roof repair 100 years or more from now, will come across the only American to ever add their name.  It makes me feel like part of me is still there.