Hot! Gallery Christmas in Texas: My Favourite Passenger

When I was a kid, growing up in my family’s house in Bellaire, one of the many small cities that make up the greater Houston, Texas area, we had a wonderful black-tri Australian Shepherd named Duck.  He was named duck for two reasons: first, he used to sit in his water bowl and had an affinity for water; second, his fur was so oily that water would slide right off, as it does off most ducks.  So, he became Duck, forever confusing to people at dog parks everywhere.

Sadly, a few years ago, Duck died.  After a year, my parents got another black-tri Aussie, this time a girl who they named Lola.  I haven’t grown up with Lola the way I did with Duck, but I have spent enough time around her to know that she is a great dog.  She’s very sweet, rather smart, and is quirky in a way that I really enjoy.  One of her quirks is a fondness for riding in vehicles of all kinds.  She flew in our family plane on the day my parents picked her up from the breeder, and she absolutely loves to fly.  She also enjoys more terrestrial transportation, however, and she loves to ride in the front seat of my old truck, which my parents now own.  She stares out the front windshield and loves to smell the fresh air whooshing by from a partially-opened window.  When you get up to highway speed, she lays down and puts her head on your lap.

I drove my truck a few times while I was home and I always made sure to give Lola a quick trip around the block when I came back from whatever errand I was running.  During the year I spent living out of that very vehicle, I had many friends riding shotgun in the passenger seat, but I think Lola is my favourite driving companion.

I had my mom take a few portraits of Lola and me in the truck, as I felt that it would be a very good representation of both of us.  Here they are:


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  1. I used these photos to show B that not all Aussies have “crazy eyes” (what he calls the light blue or one blue one brown eyes of many Aussies, usually merles). Lola is such a cutie!