Hot! Five Foods I Want To Try In Their Country Of Origin

The best place to taste a food is where it originated, and as a foodie who travels, eating is one of my favourite parts of any trip.  Here are five foods I want to try in their country of origin.  I’ve had all these foods before, but I love them all enough that I’d love to some day get to experience them where they’re best.

Bun – Vietnam

Vietnamese food is one of my favourite cuisines.  I always feel healthy when I eat Vietnamese food, and I love its emphasis on fresh ingredients.  Though Pho seems to be the most popular Vietnamese food in America, I tend to stick to the rice noodle “buns”.  In fact,  just writing about them is making me want to get one from the place down the street!  The food is one of the main reasons I want to visit Vietnam, and I’d love to get a chance to have it where it’s cheap and good!

Sushi – Japan

I was introduced to sushi when I was young and my taste for it has never left me.  Like Vietnamese food, Japanese food always tastes so light and healthy to me – I can eat a ton and not feel like I’ve just eaten a brick.  I was hoping to find good but cheap sushi when I lived in Korea, but I had a hard time finding sushi of any kind, which was heartily disappointing.  Some day I hope to be able to sample the good stuff in its native land.

Steak – Argentina

I’m not a huge fan of beef.  In fact, for the first 20 or so years of my life, I didn’t eat it at all, and even now I eat it very sparingly.  As a result, I’m extremely selective about the beef I eat.  I’ve come to really appreciate a well-made steak that came from a well-raised cow.  I have heard phenomenal things about the cows in Argentina and the beef that comes from them, so I’d love to give it a try.

Ceviche – Spain

This is one of the foods that I actually haven’t eaten much of, unlike the others in this list.  I have only had ceviche once, and I was pretty young, but it made an impression on me.  I’m a huge seafood fan, and I love it when it’s served raw or close to raw, as in ceviche and sushi.  This dish seems right up my proverbial alley and I really would love to try it in Spain, as well as getting to know Spanish food a bit better in general.

Fish & Chips – United Kingdom

This one may seem a bit out of place, given the semi-gourmet nature of some of the other listings here, but it goes along with my (by now obvious) love of seafood and cheap eateries.  Having grown up in the south, I love fried food of all kinds and there’s just something inherently British about a fish & chip shop that you just don’t get here in the USA.  I haven’t been to the UK in about 15 years, and the next time I go, I’ll definitely be stopping by for some chips and a pint.

What foods would you love to eat in their native land?

[Photos by Robyn Lee, Renee S, and Or Hitch]