Hot! Weekends in Another Century

One of the side perks of being a historical reenactor is that it means I actually get to spend quite a good portion of my weekends out of town.  Though Marc and I have driven as much as 14 hours each way to an event before, most events we attend these days are within 3-4 hours of where we live, if not closer.  However, it’s still good to get out of the house, and you can’t get much further away from daily life than to step into the shoes of someone in another era in history!

While I don’t spend a lot of time on longer trips like many travel bloggers do, thanks to my involvement in the historical reenacting hobby I do still end up spending a sizable amount of my time on the road.  In 2012 I’ll be spending more than 40 days traveling just for reenactments.  To show you all more concretely just how much time I spend on this every year, I’ve decided to show you what my schedule is for this year.  I already posted it over on my reenacting blog, Historically Speaking, but I feel it also belongs here as well.

Events are listed like so:

Date – Location – Era – Event Name – Unit Attending With

January 28-29 – Fort Indiantown Gap, PA – WWII – Battle of the Bulge – None (Press)

February 24-26 – Newville, PA – WWII – Winter Line – Kampfegruppe Martz

March 17-18 – Jamestown, VA – Timeline (WWI) – Military Through the Ages – None (Press) (w/ East Siberian Rifles)

March 23-25 – King & Queen County, VA – Revolutionary War – School of the Soldier – Queen’s Own Loyal Virginia Regiment

April 14-15 – Lexington, MA – Revolutionary War – Battle Road – None (Press)

April 20-22 – Newville, PA – WWI – Neuville Tactical – None (Press)

April 21-22 – Glenn Dale, MD – Timeline (Algerian War) – Marching Through Time – 1er Regiment Etrangere Parachutiste

April ?-? – Big Pool, MD – Revolutionary War – Fort Frederick Market Days – Queen’s Own Loyal Virginia Regiment

May 18-20 – Virginia Beach, VA – WWII – Virginia Beach Air Show – Tretiy Vzvod

May 19-20 – Carlisle, PA – Timeline (WWII) – Army Heritage Days – Kampfegruppe Martz

May ?-? – Dundalk, MD – Roman Era – Roman Days – None (Press) (w/ Legio XX)

June ?-? – Louisa, VA – Vietnam War – Vietnam Tactical – Civilian Press Corps

June ?-? – Reston, VA – WWII – Sully Plantation – None (Press)

July 21-22 – Ticonderoga, NY – Revolutionary War – Defiance & Independence – None (Press)

August ?-? – Louisa, VA – Vietnam War – Vietnam Tactical – Civilian Press Corps

August ?-? – Nokesville, VA – Timeline (Algerian War) – Tank Farm – 1er Regiment Etrangere Parachutiste

September 15-16 – Gettysburg, PA – WWII – Ike Farm – (possibly w/ Tretiy Vzvod)

September ?-? – Reston, VA – Timeline (Roman) – Virginia Scottish Festival – None (Press) (w/ Legio XX)

Considering that there are probably going to be a few more events added to this list (especially in October and November), at 18 events (and probably counting) this may be my busiest reenacting year yet!  One change I’ve noticed is that I’ve started to attend a lot more of the public events “out of uniform” as a photographer instead of a reenactor.  I still usually go with a unit and help them set up, but I’m not dressed up myself and am mainly there to take pictures.  It means that I get to attend more events, but it also means that I reenact less.  It’s a trade-off, and one I’m still trying to get the balance right on.

If you’re going to be at an event or in the area, let me know!  I’d love to meet some of my travel readers in a different context than usual!


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  1. I’m curious: where did (I’m guessing this is Marc?) get the Virginia Gazette book cover? Or did he make it?