Hot! A Three-Wheeled Road Trip?

Me, Marc, and Nadezda out for her first spin!

Though 2012 is shaping up to be a travel-light year for me, I do still have some prospective plans that will get me out of the house for more than a weekend at a time.  One of these plans is for a series of 1-3 road trips of 3-5 days apiece, taken on our sidecar motorcycle, Nadezda.

I have saved up enough money to cover my expenses for three months from mid-June until mid-September.  During that time I will be applying all my energy toward finally making my dreams of making a living at photography a reality, but I also will need a break or two somewhere in there.  This is where the roadtrips come in.

Our sidecar motorcycle has a “comfortable” speed of around 45-50mph, which makes it perfect for country back roads.  It also has enough storage space to carry a few day’s worth of supplies for both rider and passenger.  Furthermore, it is a vintage-styled bike that attracts a lot of attention and friendly questions wherever we stop.  These things, when combined, make it a rather perfect road tripping vehicle.

I’m planning on taking the bike to explore the backroads of West Virginia, Central Pennsylvania, and Central/Western Virginia.  I’ll be eating local, staying in small motels (or possibly camping), and just generally having fun getting to discover the lesser known through the slow and winding roads of the countryside.  Though I have a prospective companion for one of the trips, I’m still looking for someone to come along and ride in the sidecar for the other two trips.  The only thing I can guarantee about the trips is that they will be an adventure.

Are you up for it?


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  1. I would love to..but it depends on timing honestly, and whether our sauna is built and I have a less ridiculous list of things I should be doing…but shiny.

  2. Is that a Ural? How does it handle?I have been looking for a motorcycle that I can take the dogs with me on a ride, and have been looking at those retro bikes because I love the styling.

    • Yes, it’s a Ural. They are very difficult to handle, and don’t drive at all like a regular motorcycle. If you’re thinking of getting one, I would highly recommend finding someone who is willing to give you a test ride, and taking the Evergreen Sidecar Safety class afterwards.