Adventure Is What You Make It

Last Sunday I watched a Vietnam-era helicopter land a hundred feet in front of me while I had my morning coffee, the blast from […]

Solo No More?

Marc’s visit to France marked the first time that he and I have traveled together (for more than a weekend) in almost exactly three […]

Five Things About Me That Keep My Travel Costs Low

A big part of how I keep my travel costs down has to do with who I am, rather than some sort of travel […]

How To Travel If You’re Poor: Saving Up

In the interests of disclosure and context, I will start this post by telling you that I have never made more than $28,000 a […]

My Love Affair With Diners

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’d probably rather dine at a greasy spoon diner than a five-star restaurant. I’m not entirely […]