Photographs from Arlington Cemetery in Autumn: Early Cuts

Last Thursday I was inspired by Woman Seeks World’s post about Arlington Cemetery, and I decided to head a few stops up on the […]

A Visit to Shepherdstown, West Virginia

A few weeks ago, Marc and I decided to head up to Harper’s Ferry for the afternoon. We had a great time there, but […]

A Visit to Catoctin National Forest

A few weekends ago, Marc and I decided to take an impromptu trip up to the Catoctin and Micheaux State Forests near the confluence […]

A Visit to Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Yesterday I went to the Claude Moore Colonial Farm with my mom and Marc. It was a beautiful day, and my mom’s last full […]

A Visit to Fort McHenry

This past Saturday, Marc and I paid a visit to Fort McHenry with our friend Sean (and his girlfriend Lorraine), who worked there as […]